Cleaning your fatboy product

Can I machine wash my Fatboy® product?
You can machine wash the covers of the following products:

- Fatboy® Stonewashed Original, Point & Doggielounge (30 degrees)
- Fatboy® Original Special (30 degrees)
- Fatboy® Doggielounge (30 degrees)
- Fatboy® Flowerpowersol (40 degrees)
- Fatboy® Knapsack (40 degrees)
- Fatboy® Desswerrum (40 degrees)
- Fatboy Outdoor (40 degrees) Please note! Iron the cover lightly after washing.

Please note that the stonewashed fabric may fade when washed frequently.

What is the best way to clean my Fatboy® product?
We suggest to use lukewarm water and neutral soap. If your Fatboy® product is really dirty you can use a garden furniture cleaner, for example HG. These products are available at several hardware stores.

Can I put my Fatboy® product in the dryer?
No, none of the Fatboy products are suitable to put in the dryer.