Fatboy Lighting

One of the lamps of my Edison the Grand is broken. What kind of lamp do I need to buy to replace this?

There are 3 energy saving bulbs in an Edison the Grand. The upper bulb is 16 watts, the bulb in the middle is 4 watts and the lower one is 8 watts. All fittings should be E27. Be sure the shape of the bulbs are the same as we use, because it must fit inside the armature. We only use the standard white, energy saving light bulbs.

Wintertime for the Edison?
You can leave the Edison outside in the winter.

How to solve when people can’t place the armature back in the Edison?
If you need to change the light bulbs, you can do this by removing the 4 screw on the bottom and put the armature out. When you want to put the armature back in, it can help by hanging the Edison on 1 side upside down on a table. Then you can push the armature into the Edison.