Product Specifications

Do Fatboy products meet specials norms regarding product safety?
All our Fatboy® products comply with the standards for product safety determined in the Commodities Act Decree (=“Warenwetbesluit algemene productveiligheid). Regarding fire retardant: The products do not have a special fire retardant finishing because this is not required in the EU. UK products satisfy to special fire retardant standards which are required in the UK.

Does my Fatboy® product have a separate innerbag?
Only the

- Fatboy® Doggielounge
- Fatboy® Catbag
- Fatboy® Jeans
- Fatboy® Shuttershadie
- Fatboy® Cuscino Fat Knit
- Fatboy® Jacket Extra
- Fatboy® Pullover Extra

do have a separate inner bag. For the Fatboy® Doggielounge you can order a separate inner bag or a cover bag. To buy one, you can send an email to

There is a tear in my Fatboy® product, how can I fix it?

Need your Fatboy product to be fixed? You can order a Carekit in our online Service shop, order and your personal care kit should be delivered in no time!

What maximum can Headdemock handle?
150 kg is the max!

Does Headdemock has a front and back side?
Yes, it has! The Fatboy logo should be on the right side. You can also see it on the seams which are ‘stitched’ on the bottom.

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy

Simply place your phone on the Fatboy Pillow to start charging without having to plug in your phone. You can order the Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow online  at Nokia:

Wanna take a closer look? Watch this video:

Where can I find the batchnumber of my Fatboy Product?

Product: Positioning batchnumber:
Bags In the bag
Lamp At the bottom of the lamp
Headdemock In the bag, close to the zipper
Rack In the bag, close to the zipper
Flowerpowersol In the white cover
Base At the bottom
Beanbags In the cover, close to the zipper
Knapsack Behind the zipper
Rockcoco Small circle on a transparent part
Edison the Petit On the inside of the lamp, on the grey part, you have to open the lamp, to see it.
Desswerrum In the bag, close the Velcro
Pillow In the Pillow, close the Velcro