Fatboy Filling

The filling of my Fatboy® product is decreasing. Is this normal and how can I refill the product?
It’s normal that the filling will decrease by use. In our webshop you can order a refill. Available in 100 and 350 litre

How can I refill my original?
You just got your new cover! What to do next?

Take a look at the video for the right instruction. We suggest to do the following with two persons:

  1. Take your filled Original, open the Velcro and the zipper.
  2. Turn the Velcro inside out.
  3. Do the same as mentioned above with your new cover.
  4. Attach the Velcro’s from both covers to each other. Easiest way is to start in the angles.
  5. Make sure that the person who fills the new cover stands on a chair or another higher object.
  6. Slowly fill the new cover, make sure that you keep the Velcro good attached to each other, so no filling can come out.

Voilà … Enjoy your brand new Fatboy® product!
Do you have any questions? Please contact us or send an email to [email protected].